Raw egg to egg salad in 15 minutes- Instant pot

I am having lots of fun experimenting  with my Instant Pot and each time I have success, I cannot wait to share! Delicious egg salad in minutes! Easy, fast, healthy and delicious. Place 8 eggs in instant pot on trivet or steamer basket. Add one cup of water. Set manual for 6 minutes, let it natural pressure release for 6 minutes, then place in ice-cold water bowl. Meanwhile mix 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard, 1/4 teaspoon of paprika and salt and pepper taste. You can add chopped green onions or celery if you desire. Peel

Perfect Hard boiled eggs in 6 minutes-Instant pot

Probably the easiest food I have tried yet, hard-boiled eggs. Impressive it was! I love eating hard-boiled eggs for a protein rich snack but I never seem to be able to get them just right. Always a chore to peel them too. But, the instant pot has made my life easy once again.   Place eggs on trivet(as I did) or place in a steamer basket open Add one cup of water Set Instant pot manually to 6 minutes, natural release for 6 minutes or so When done , I place the eggs in a bowl of ice water for

Why the Instant pot?

 Everyone is asking me why the Instant Pot? I have only experience with the Instant pot as i received if for a gift from my hubby 4 yrs ago. He picked it out based on reviews and ratings. It seriously makes meals in minutes vs hours. A roast is done in 90 min, baked pot done in 15 min, hard-boiled eggs in 6 min, cheesecake done in 30 minutes. And the moisture and textures is fabulous. I have not been disappointed and it makes me feel like I’m a decent cook! I am very happy with amazon as they have

Satisfaction……where are you looking?

I opened  up my devotion book today, and the first sentence told me that I would be looking for satisfaction today. I thought that was an odd thing to start with.  As I proceeded to read it asked where will I look ? To earthly things or heavenly things.  This of course, as it’s supposed to do, got me thinking. We live in a touch-smell-sound-taste-feel society, its hard to not get satisfaction through many of these on a daily basis. I enjoy many instant satisfaction results from cooking a meal, cleaning the house, going for a walk, getting a massage.

The beauty in first time experiences

  This afternoon, I was brave and took all three kiddos out in the snow. Lincoln’s first experience in the snow! Oh how fun it is to see kiddos looking at new things and see the interest in their eyes. It was so sweet. I want to cherish these moments, as you all know, they pass you by so quickly. Seeing how children view the outdoors always inspires me to notice the details often overseen.  Making snow angels, noticing traces of deer hair and tracks in the snow, finding the perfect walking stick……..all things that bring me back to the

Instant Pot Mac n Cheese

So, here goes my first instant pot post. Ok, Ok, so you are wondering, what is the big deal? Well, personally i have never used a pressure cooker of  fear of blowing the roof off! And then 4 yrs ago,i heard how fast and amazing these new pressure cookers work. Well, my hubby got me one for my birthday and my world has been transformed! So , i thought i would start out with the famous, never can go wrong meal, MAC N CHEESE. Now  my kiddos are crazy about this and they have seconds and thirds. And did i

Hello friends!

Oh what a journey that landed me to write this blog. It has been a thought in process for some time.  But a little pushing and shoving and encouragement and here i am. I love all aspects of being a woman, mother and just an individual that can do things on my own or figure out a way to make things work.  I love decorating my home, but that costs lots of money.  So with a little creativity, have found cheaper ways to get what i want without paying the big price tag.   I love gardening but was completely