Intentional. Purposed. Directed. Meditated

All of these synonyms are directed to prayer this morning. When was the last time you prayed and did these words describe your requests? I am a true believer in the power of prayer! If you have not watched the movie WAR ROOM, do it. It will change your look at prayer forever. In my devotions this morning, I read Matthew 20: 32, “what do you want me to do for you?” . This is a direct request and demand for us to pray exactly what we want God to do and to ask for it exactly as we desire.

Sometimes all you need, is a shoulder to lean on

  Ever walk into a room carrying your heavy heart and you see someone and as they approach you they wrap their arms around you and you just melt……tears flow, and at that moment that was the only thing you needed……the shoulder to lean on.   This has happened to me countless times as I encountered a very difficult time in my life. We have all been there, on both sides. I am always privileged to be “that” shoulder and want to strive to always be available to someone who needs that moment, just to lean on me. I often

It’s International Women’s Day! March 8th

Well today is a pretty awesome day. Other that me being sick( for the past week and half), the weather is gorgeous(70 degrees), the kids played out in puddles and mud for most of the afternoon and I heard that it was International Women’s Day. I personally had no idea, and didn’t realize it was a thing! And as I was thinking about this day and what it meant, so many women came in to my mind. As I sit here on my deck, and watch the birds gather sticks for their nests, it makes me think about all the