A little Decorating In December


Hello Friends, I was checking my email and all my blog messages and came upon a few requests for decorating ideas for the Holidays. Although I am no expert, I do love and wish I could decorate ALL the time. I absolutely love transforming a space and truly have a love for decorating. It all started from my mother, who decorated for every holiday, season ect.   I also love photography, so together cant help but take pictures and of course share with my followers. I also love new decorating ideas, so please share!

My favorite room in the house in the sunroom, and we do put the tree in that room. It has a 14 foot peak, and so our 12 ft tree fits perfect in the there! 

The sunroom also has a cedar plank ceiling, which is special to me, because I hand stained each and every one of those boards!!! And reminds me of the long nights working on the house during the building process.

The sunroom is full of windows and sky lights and is the room that draws everyone in! So many memories are made in this room!


My leather chair with footstool is my favorite place to sit! Every morning after I make my cup of coffee, I sit here, reading and soaking up the beauty that surrounds me!





This past August, I redid my living room , adding all new decor and a few furniture pieces. I bought the buffet of Craig list, repainted and antique it and added the antique windows. I just LOVE it!


                                                                                                           My little decorating buddy, Jackson. He is my oldest and is 5. He loves to help mommy and actually has really good taste in home decorating!


And of course, I have to show you some Christmas decorating for outdoors too!

Mr Snowman!

And lastly, I have to show off the fireplace my hubby made for me this past summer. We used it all summer, fall and now winter . It’s actually my most favorite time to have a fire. We have an awesome sledding hill and its a great way to warm up ! And there is just something really special about having a fire outdoors with snow!

Well thank you for stopping by and taking a peak at what we are up to! If you have any decorating ideas/suggestions/questions, please reach out to me! Hope enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

Active Hip Momma, Jessica