A tribute to my sisters on National Sibling Day




Once again I see a national day has made its appearance and It always makes me stop and think of the people in my life that makes this day of national significance. And for that I am so thankful. We need days like these, in our crazy busy lives to make us stop.pause.reflect and honor these individuals that have made such an impact.   And today is a day to honor , my sisters in my life, which undoubtedly has had the biggest impact on me as a person and how I have grown into the women I am today.

My siblings were my  first friend, first fight, first breakup( so to speak) , and first real relationship bond. This is the relationship that lays a foundation to the rest of your outlook on friendship, how you look for friendship and how you make friendships. Looking back, I remember going to the hospital to meet both of my siblings for the first time. I will never forget those moments. When suddenly, I have a new friend without a choice. It’s a huge benefit to a little person that is starting to figure the world out. A sibling is the first person to accept you as you are. They challenge you, love you, hate you and grow you. It’s an amazing relationship and I admire its importance in life.

My sister Jen and I are two years apart almost exactly. I distinctly remember going to the hospital nursery and entering a room full of babies in bassinets. I know I was young, but I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I remember looking at this little thing in the bassinet with fear in my eyes. It was scary. It was confusing. It was overwhelming. Which is why  I think I remember every detail in my mind.  Yet I had no idea that this one relationship was about to be one of the most amazing relationships I would every encounter.   At the age of 2, my world was about to be shared equally if not more with a little being.  This little person that entered my life I own so much of who I am .   Because of Jen, I am a fighter( in a positive way), I am a hard worker, I never give up and I am always striving to do better.  These things I owe all to my relationship with my sister Jen. She was always testing me, always pushing me and always right there with me. I know, without a doubt that this is where I get my boisterous, don’t give up attitude. I needed to be this way to survive with Jen. She was always taller and stronger than me. So I always had to work hard to keep up and push forth. And today , Jen and I are very much a like in these ways. We obviously have different personalities and different qualities, but we are both extremely hard-working and competitive and I attribute it all to the sibling relationship that developed long ago.

My sister Natalie and I are 6 years apart. I also remember every moment of meeting her at the hospital. Of course, I made sure I was the first to hold her. I was the oldest sister and I was the safest to hold her first. Oh yes, this oldest sister thing came into play big time when Natalie came along. Because Jen could already beat me up and use her strength and attitude to get her way, I was using the oldest sister card at a very young age.   I remember holding Natalie and being so proud. It’s from that moment , I knew she was MY little girl. I loved that little baby like my own. Yes, I know I was only 6, but at that moment I felt like I was a momma holding her little baby. That feeling never left. My whole life, I have been the momma of little Natalie. Yes, we have great parents, so I was not actually stepping in as a role of mother, but the relationship of love in an extremely caring way developed at a very young age.   My whole life, I have looked after Natalie. I have always stood behind her, protected her and always been by her side. At the age of 2, Natalie developed psoriasis, and I  stepped in to protect her even more. If kids would tease her, I was right there to defend her. Kids were scared of me and I like it that way. You did not mess with Natalie or you would have to deal with me.  Natalie is a sweet-natured, quiet personality and more of an introvert. And I was complete opposite. Our personalities blended perfectly. I had no idea I would end up marrying someone who had a similar personality to Natalie.  My husband Bruce came into our lives when Natalie was 11, and she was like our kid. We took her everywhere and loved her like our own. I attribute all these moments and times to the mother I am today.  My love for her made me know at a very young age that I was going to be a mother some day and love every moment.

These two ladies our very special to me . Together the relationships have molded me and made me into the person today. Are these relationships perfect? Of course not. We have different opinions, have little spats and don’t always get along. But I do have a lot to attribute too these two sisters and know my life would not be  the same without them. To this day, we laugh together and cry together, struggle together and mourn together. It’s a crazy life but could not imaging these two not in it, and for that I am so thankful.

I challenge you today, to think about the siblings in your life. Tell them what am impact they made on you. Share with them what they mean to you. This is my way of telling the two ladies in my life what am impact they had on me. Thank you for taking time to read this. Hope you have a great day.



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