About Me

I’m an active hip momma.  What’s  more to say! LOL. No seriously, i did not know what to call this blog. I wanted to share with the people in my life different things i try, learn and share it. And many of the people in my life have taught me and inspired me to learn more and try new things.   So about me…..Well to start things off I am a wife, mother to 3 littles, labor delivery nurse by profession, follower of Christ and major hobbyist (when I have any free time).  I love the outdoors, decorating, repurposing, crafting, cooking and baking, photography and anything thing that is exciting and fun.   I love to inspire and be inspired. I hope that through this blog I can share the fun things I do and learn a bunch of new things through this process. I have always thought a blog would be fun and after 5 yrs of thought decided to go for it. It is in the very early stages as with blog building is definitely a learning curve!  Thanks for checking me out, and please subscribe to my page! so we can go through this adventure together!


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