Welcome December

Welcome December! My favorite time of the year! Today came and I am in total holiday spirit! It helps when you have little ones to share in the excitement! Today marks the day the lego advent calendar comes out. Also, the paper chain gets its first link! The outdoors get decorated and the Christmas movies start to play. I got a head start on my Christmas shopping and Christmas cards just need to be addressed and sent.  I want to enjoy every minute of this holiday season , its slips by so quickly in the hustle and bustle. What holiday

A tribute to my sisters on National Sibling Day

    Once again I see a national day has made its appearance and It always makes me stop and think of the people in my life that makes this day of national significance. And for that I am so thankful. We need days like these, in our crazy busy lives to make us stop.pause.reflect and honor these individuals that have made such an impact.   And today is a day to honor , my sisters in my life, which undoubtedly has had the biggest impact on me as a person and how I have grown into the women I

A letter to my daughter- Yes, I love you……every single day

      A letter to my daughter- Yes, you are only two years old. Yes, you are the only girl. Yes, you can wear that princess dress to bed. Yes, you have my attention. Yes, you are my world. Sometimes I think to myself, was I ever like this as a child? I love my little girl to no end. She is my world, my joy, my sunshine and my ball  of never ending energy. I love every part of it but there are times I feel like I am going to pull my hair out. Her demands are

Love is in the air

  We are having lots of fun getting ready for valentine’s day around our home. My hubby and I already had our valentine date night last night, so now the focus is on the kids.  Filling out valentines for their friends and family, making cookies and cupcakes.  Then, while making valentines , Jackson asked if we could make some for grandmas friends at her “home”. Now, my grandmother, (his great grandma) lives in an old people’s home.  That got me thinking…how awesome if we did something special for the one’s who don’t have a valentine?? There are so many options

When your love isn’t enough…….

There are days….many days. And many more nights……….we have all been there.   The nights are by far the hardest, when your all alone with a screaming baby, hard to console after a long day of taking care of your family. Those moments are so hard, almost difficult to explain, yet every mother knows how lonely those moments can be and how isolated you feel.  I have felt it, you have felt it and my heart goes out to those who are struggling. I had an extremely hard nights last week and know how lonely it feels. How desperate you

The beauty in first time experiences

  This afternoon, I was brave and took all three kiddos out in the snow. Lincoln’s first experience in the snow! Oh how fun it is to see kiddos looking at new things and see the interest in their eyes. It was so sweet. I want to cherish these moments, as you all know, they pass you by so quickly. Seeing how children view the outdoors always inspires me to notice the details often overseen.  Making snow angels, noticing traces of deer hair and tracks in the snow, finding the perfect walking stick……..all things that bring me back to the