Perfect Applesauce- In less that ten minutes! Instant pot!

    I was shocked, totally shocked when I went to make my canned applesauce this past fall and decided to use my Instant pot for my apples. It was so easy, I was in disbelief that I could make it so effortlessly. I had 10 pounds of apples I had picked at the orchard, peeled them and threw them in the pot.  Added 2 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar and 4 tbsp of cinnamon. Set the pot on manual for 10 minutes and ta-da! It was done. Made my canning day go so fast I had all

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings in 20 minutes- Instant Pot

One of my favorite comfort foods of all times, Chicken and dumplings. There is nothing like it on a cold, winter day. And it is even easier in the Instant Pot, check out on amazon, here. I think this pot turns everything into magic. Why isn’t it called the Magic pot? Last weekend I was at my parents place and am in the process of teaching them how to use the Instant Pot I got them for Christmas. My mom had frozen chicken drumsticks, which I hadn’t cooked with before.  I usually work with chicken breasts. But, it actually turned

Crazy delicious Chicken Alfredo- Pressure cooker-Instant Pot

  Hello friends, Another successful dinner to report and its picky husband approved!! I was running behind the other night and had to make dinner in less than twenty minutes. Looked in the freezer and pantry and decided to try chicken alfredo.  I had never made it in the my pressure cooker before, but thought I should give it a try….the results were amazing and fast!  I am finding that I am more adventurous with my instant pot and I am having more successes now than fails! And I  am continuously impressed with the ability to leave the kitchen when

Wisconsin venison roast in 2 hours ! Instant Pot

  Hello friends! Another great recipe to share with you today! Here in the midwest, freezers are full of venison, because if you are not a hunter, you know someone who is a hunter. Deer season is a big deal around here and on November 21st every year, the men disappear to bring home lots of delicious meat. I however, am not married to a hunter and rarely get venison. Good thing I Have some friends that give me some goods every now and then. Last week, I was digging around in my freezer, desperate for some inspiration and found

Delicious One pot Chicken and Wild Rice- Instant Pot

  Hello friends! This is one of the most delicious and easiest recipes I have made yet in the awesome instant pot ( check it out HERE). I am always trying to come up with recipes that include one step and this is it! I came up with this easy recipe because my husband loves wild rice and I wanted an easy dinner to incorporate that with some protein, and here developed the easiest recipe I have ever made. You literally put everything in at once and push a  button, it’s that easy! And I promise, you wont be disappointed.

Easy 4 Step Greek Yogurt- Instant Pot

  Welcome friends! I am more in love with my Instant pot,( get it HERE!) everyday. And I have now conquered my biggest challenge. Yogurt!!! I love yogurt and eat it everyday, as do my children. And I often try to get organic yogurt, but it is soooo expensive.  So of course this was a huge money savings for me and my family.  I followed the instructions of the instant pot cook book and adjusted things as I went along. I was so impressed with this yogurt and my kids ate it all in one day.   Ingredients: Half gallon

Make your own food for baby and toddlers !!! Instant pot

      Hello mommas, what an awesome thing I have recently discovered regarding my instant pot! I realized in less than 2o minutes I can make homemade baby food. I have a 4,2 and 11 month old at home and they all love it! I now make it for all of them and it saves money and I know exactly what is going in their bellies! I have also learned how to package it in little reusable pouches and away I go! If i can do it, so can you! And where I live, it cost $2 to $3

Steel cut oats in ten minutes- Instant Pot

  Sometimes, I come across people asking if making food in the pressure cooker is really a time saver. And I know this is one of those foods that gets questioned. But for me, putting something in the “pot” and walking away and having it ready in a few minutes beats any time spent on the stove top! I love steel cut oats. They are good for you, full of fiber and just an all around good breakfast.  This is so easy, and yes it is a beginner recipe. I was a beginner and many people I have introduced the

Raw egg to egg salad in 15 minutes- Instant pot

I am having lots of fun experimenting  with my Instant Pot and each time I have success, I cannot wait to share! Delicious egg salad in minutes! Easy, fast, healthy and delicious. Place 8 eggs in instant pot on trivet or steamer basket. Add one cup of water. Set manual for 6 minutes, let it natural pressure release for 6 minutes, then place in ice-cold water bowl. Meanwhile mix 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard, 1/4 teaspoon of paprika and salt and pepper taste. You can add chopped green onions or celery if you desire. Peel

Perfect Hard boiled eggs in 6 minutes-Instant pot

Probably the easiest food I have tried yet, hard-boiled eggs. Impressive it was! I love eating hard-boiled eggs for a protein rich snack but I never seem to be able to get them just right. Always a chore to peel them too. But, the instant pot has made my life easy once again.   Place eggs on trivet(as I did) or place in a steamer basket open Add one cup of water Set Instant pot manually to 6 minutes, natural release for 6 minutes or so When done , I place the eggs in a bowl of ice water for