Hello friends!

Oh what a journey that landed me to write this blog. It has been a thought in process for some time.  But a little pushing and shoving and encouragement and here i am.

I love all aspects of being a woman, mother and just an individual that can do things on my own or figure out a way to make things work.  I love decorating my home, but that costs lots of money.  So with a little creativity, have found cheaper ways to get what i want without paying the big price tag.   I love gardening but was completely clueless on where to start. So we built a house on an acre lot and va-va- voom i have learned a bit about flowers and landscaping! ( its a form of decorating in my book).   I love food, who doesn’t? But was struggling with meals and timing. I have now found ways to cook fast and delicious meals( thanks pressure cooker).  I love repurposing things in my home, canning, crafting, photography and the list goes on. This is the place to share what i have learned and to be inspired from others. Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this journey. Its going to be a blast!

One thought on “Hello friends!

  1. I thank God he put you into my life, for thru this you give me and others so much inspiration. You are so full of great and useful idea’s. I am so excited for this Blog where people will come to enjoy and love you as I do!!!

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