My daily reminder

img_5788   This past month, I celebrated my birthday and received this nice little picture from my sister for my birthday. Had no idea the impact this would have on my  daily life. At first I had no idea where I was going to hang it, then one day thought to put in next to the coffee pot. Not realizing the importance of this decision! Every morning whether it be at 5 am when I get ready for work or 9 am on my days off, it is a constant reminder to spend some time with the Lord.   I just wanted to share this  little encouragement to keep on track and find things to remind you to spend time with God each day. Its a crazy life and we need a reminder every now and then!


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  1. After I bring your recipe up on Pinterest it says “continue reading” after I click on that the recipe does not come up. Please e-mail it to me. Thank you.


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