Pretty spring wreath you can make under $5!

  Hello friends, its April 7th! My hubby’s birthday and about 5 other friends! It’s a lovely time of yr, tulips and daffodils starting to make their appearance and migrating birds are starting to reappear  for the year. With that = spring!  So of course I am trying to get some new spring like items around the house . Spring cleaning with start soon after I get my fresh and newly inspired colors schemes for the new season. And for me, my goal is to accomplish these things on a budget. I love to decorate, garden and everything in between

Fun Growth Chart Ruler- Functional and Stylish for under $10!

      Hello Friends, I have been meaning to write this post for sometime now. But after several requests from friends after seeing my ruler in action , I am finally sitting down for a minute to walk you through step by step on how to make this awesome ruler growth chart.  I have been wanting one of these for sometime now and after seeing them in pottery barn ( well over $100) and other craft shows I knew I had to learn this and share it with others. I have made 4 of these and love each one!

Easy and Fun Rainbow pancakes- making a kids day!

  Hello friends, it’s officially the 1st of April! Happy April fools day! I hope I can escape any pranks today; at least my kids are to young for that business! I just wanted to share with you a fun and easy breakfast idea that my kids are crazy about! Rainbow pancakes! Its easy, fun and my kids feel so special when I make these and they eat a great breakfast too! A few weeks ago I had my nephew and niece over and my nephew was thrilled with these pancakes. He was so excited about it and It made

Intentional. Purposed. Directed. Meditated

All of these synonyms are directed to prayer this morning. When was the last time you prayed and did these words describe your requests? I am a true believer in the power of prayer! If you have not watched the movie WAR ROOM, do it. It will change your look at prayer forever. In my devotions this morning, I read Matthew 20: 32, “what do you want me to do for you?” . This is a direct request and demand for us to pray exactly what we want God to do and to ask for it exactly as we desire.

Sometimes all you need, is a shoulder to lean on

  Ever walk into a room carrying your heavy heart and you see someone and as they approach you they wrap their arms around you and you just melt……tears flow, and at that moment that was the only thing you needed……the shoulder to lean on.   This has happened to me countless times as I encountered a very difficult time in my life. We have all been there, on both sides. I am always privileged to be “that” shoulder and want to strive to always be available to someone who needs that moment, just to lean on me. I often

It’s International Women’s Day! March 8th

Well today is a pretty awesome day. Other that me being sick( for the past week and half), the weather is gorgeous(70 degrees), the kids played out in puddles and mud for most of the afternoon and I heard that it was International Women’s Day. I personally had no idea, and didn’t realize it was a thing! And as I was thinking about this day and what it meant, so many women came in to my mind. As I sit here on my deck, and watch the birds gather sticks for their nests, it makes me think about all the

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings in 20 minutes- Instant Pot

One of my favorite comfort foods of all times, Chicken and dumplings. There is nothing like it on a cold, winter day. And it is even easier in the Instant Pot, check out on amazon, here. I think this pot turns everything into magic. Why isn’t it called the Magic pot? Last weekend I was at my parents place and am in the process of teaching them how to use the Instant Pot I got them for Christmas. My mom had frozen chicken drumsticks, which I hadn’t cooked with before.  I usually work with chicken breasts. But, it actually turned

Crazy delicious Chicken Alfredo- Pressure cooker-Instant Pot

  Hello friends, Another successful dinner to report and its picky husband approved!! I was running behind the other night and had to make dinner in less than twenty minutes. Looked in the freezer and pantry and decided to try chicken alfredo.  I had never made it in the my pressure cooker before, but thought I should give it a try….the results were amazing and fast!  I am finding that I am more adventurous with my instant pot and I am having more successes now than fails! And I  am continuously impressed with the ability to leave the kitchen when

Wisconsin venison roast in 2 hours ! Instant Pot

  Hello friends! Another great recipe to share with you today! Here in the midwest, freezers are full of venison, because if you are not a hunter, you know someone who is a hunter. Deer season is a big deal around here and on November 21st every year, the men disappear to bring home lots of delicious meat. I however, am not married to a hunter and rarely get venison. Good thing I Have some friends that give me some goods every now and then. Last week, I was digging around in my freezer, desperate for some inspiration and found