Instant Pot Mac n Cheese

So, here goes my first instant pot post. Ok, Ok, so you are wondering, what is the big deal? Well, personally i have never used a pressure cooker of  fear of blowing the roof off! And then 4 yrs ago,i heard how fast and amazing these new pressure cookers work. Well, my hubby got me one for my birthday and my world has been transformed! So , i thought i would start out with the famous, never can go wrong meal, MAC N CHEESE. Now  my kiddos are crazy about this and they have seconds and thirds. And did i

Hello friends!

Oh what a journey that landed me to write this blog. It has been a thought in process for some time.  But a little pushing and shoving and encouragement and here i am. I love all aspects of being a woman, mother and just an individual that can do things on my own or figure out a way to make things work.  I love decorating my home, but that costs lots of money.  So with a little creativity, have found cheaper ways to get what i want without paying the big price tag.   I love gardening but was completely