The beauty in first time experiences

  This afternoon, I was brave and took all three kiddos out in the snow. Lincoln’s first experience in the snow! Oh how fun it is to see kiddos looking at new things and see the interest in their eyes. It was so sweet. I want to cherish these moments, as you all know, they pass you by so quickly. Seeing how children view the outdoors always inspires me to notice the details often overseen.  Making snow angels, noticing traces of deer hair and tracks in the snow, finding the perfect walking stick……..all things that bring me back to the

Instant Pot Mac n Cheese

So, here goes my first instant pot post. Ok, Ok, so you are wondering, what is the big deal? Well, personally i have never used a pressure cooker of  fear of blowing the roof off! And then 4 yrs ago,i heard how fast and amazing these new pressure cookers work. Well, my hubby got me one for my birthday and my world has been transformed! So , i thought i would start out with the famous, never can go wrong meal, MAC N CHEESE. Now  my kiddos are crazy about this and they have seconds and thirds. And did i

Hello friends!

Oh what a journey that landed me to write this blog. It has been a thought in process for some time.  But a little pushing and shoving and encouragement and here i am. I love all aspects of being a woman, mother and just an individual that can do things on my own or figure out a way to make things work.  I love decorating my home, but that costs lots of money.  So with a little creativity, have found cheaper ways to get what i want without paying the big price tag.   I love gardening but was completely