Perfect picture wall!!!! under $30!!! Re purposed door!


Hi friends, As always I am trying to decorate on a budget! I had a long hallway to the bedrooms, that never seemed to get the right decor it needed. I had a picture in my mind of what i wanted, just couldn’t find the right piece. I am a big fan of re purposing. So here, I found what i think was a patio door, maybe a french door. It is the size of a door, but had all 15 panes of glass. It was of course a really dark ugly brown wood color. I bought it for $20! So , I  chalk painted it , wet distressed it and placed 8  X 10 in the windows. I had bought an old door handle for $5 at a flea market for 5 dollars! you could also add knobs off an older dresser or stop at hobby lobby and get a fun door handle or knob! It adds character. img_9729


Now, this wall is a conversation piece! I love it and it could not have been a better price for me! You could also do a similar thing to old windows. Hope you enjoyed this and inspire you to be creative to make your place more personal!


-active hip momma, Jessica