Pretty spring wreath you can make under $5!

wreath under $5


Hello friends, its April 7th! My hubby’s birthday and about 5 other friends! It’s a lovely time of yr, tulips and daffodils starting to make their appearance and migrating birds are starting to reappear  for the year. With that = spring!  So of course I am trying to get some new spring like items around the house . Spring cleaning with start soon after I get my fresh and newly inspired colors schemes for the new season. And for me, my goal is to accomplish these things on a budget. I love to decorate, garden and everything in between but these hobbies cost money ! Time to be creative ! I have discovered that the dollar tree has a surprising amount of things that will work for my garden/decorating needs. Not everything of course can be found there, but my goal is to do most of my planting from seeds/bulbs ( I will share in future post) and many of my other projects I have found key elements for under $1!

So let’s get started with the wreath! I will tell you this is a great time to collect your items for this wreath. Almost everything I found in our yard. The hydrangea are old ones from last fall. I most often cut them off in the fall, but for this wreath, I cut them off now, before the new growth appears. Most often people with hydrangea in their yard cut the old flowers off now. So if you don’t have any in your yard, just ask a neighbor or friends. It will help clean up their yard! Since I cut mine this spring, they are all dried and ready for use!  Also, the bird nest was found in a little tree. It was from last yr, so I did not feel bad taking it.  The eggs are from my kids Easter basket!!! so far, my wreath has cost= $0

IMG_3042 IMG_3044 IMG_3046 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3054

So I start with collecting the hydrangea. Depending on what kind you have, each kind will have a natural color. These are Annabelle, which are yellow, antique white when dried. Depending on the look or color you are going for, you can leave it or spray paint it! Yes, that is right. I have been spray painting my dried flowers for years! It’s a cheap and easy way to add color interest to any room/theme/holiday. I have even made a Halloween wreath and painted them black! The opportunities are endless and the best part= they are FREE!!!!!

I had this basic vine wreath in my basement, but you can find these at Walmart for under $5 and I just bought one last weekend at goodwill for $1. Also, dollar tree has wire wreaths that work good too, but are slightly smaller.

20160407_092435  Dollar tree finds this week! Little birdie, burlap ribbon( new color!) and wire wreath


Dollar tree changes their inventory for every season, so I always buy new stuff when I want a new wreath. I also find lots of good deals at Walmart for ribbons and accessories.

So after you get your hydrangeas assembled, you decide if you want to spray paint or not. I almost always do. For basic colors, red, black, white, you can find spray paint at Walmart for $1. It works well and holds up for this purpose. But I wanted something pink and springy,  so the spray paint I got at Walmart cost $3.  If you use the vine wreath, the hydrangeas slide nicely into the vine. If you are using the wire from dollar tree, you will need to get twine( also available at dollar tree) . They have several colors, i mostly use the traditional tan.  I first painted my wreath white, then painted it pink for spring! you can change it to whenever you want!

Let dry for a few hours, then add your accessories. Dollar tree has burlap ribbon for $1, walmart often has ribbons for under $1 on clearance. I have a very nice stock pile of different ribbons, not paying over $1, some paying as little as 25 cents a piece! SCORE!  Dollar tree also has little birds, flowers and all sorts of cute things to add interest to your wreath.



I hope you found this tutorial fun and inspiring. You can make almost any color, kind of wreath using elements around you.  And honestly, you can make this easily for under $5 if you bought everything at the dollar tree and even less if you already have many of these items.   My focus on many of my projects is budget savings so please share with your friends who may enjoy the same ideas! please ask any questions, and send pics of your new projects! Have FUN!!! –Jessica