A little Decorating In December

  Hello Friends, I was checking my email and all my blog messages and came upon a few requests for decorating ideas for the Holidays. Although I am no expert, I do love and wish I could decorate ALL the time. I absolutely love transforming a space and truly have a love for decorating. It all started from my mother, who decorated for every holiday, season ect. ¬† I also love photography, so together cant help but take pictures and of course share with my followers. I also love new decorating ideas, so please share! My favorite room in the

The beauty in first time experiences

  This afternoon, I was brave and took all three kiddos out in the snow. Lincoln’s first experience in the snow! Oh how fun it is to see kiddos looking at new things and see the interest in their eyes. It was so sweet. I want to cherish these moments, as you all know, they pass you by so quickly. Seeing how children view the outdoors always inspires me to notice the details often overseen. ¬†Making snow angels, noticing traces of deer hair and tracks in the snow, finding the perfect walking stick……..all things that bring me back to the